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In the Southcentral region of Alaska in the Matanuska – Susutna Valley ( Mat-Su), Alaska Vacation Homes offers three distinctive options for lodging: A brand new luxury vacation home in Wasilla, a charming apartment in Wasilla for longer stays, and an upscale home in Willow, in the heart of the lakes region!

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Although Mother Nature endowed Alaska with many distinct and varied regions, each with its own unique characteristics, it’s easy to see why the Mat-Su Valley is affectionately referred to as the “real Alaska” by many of its residents. One visit to the area, certainly not enough, will easily convince you that a part of you belongs there. The never ending spectacular scenery with stunning mountain ranges, glaciers, rivers, and abundant wildlife provide a bucholic setting for the vacation of a lifetime. Visitors quickly understand why so many people who come to Alaska find they can never leave. The breathtaking beauty of the area creates a sense of sprituality rarely experienced elsewhere.

Opportunities abound for activities in the Mat-Su Valley World class fishing for king salmon up to 65 lbs, silver salmon, trophy trout, and grayling, to name but a few, make the area an angler’s delight. Wildlife viewing is unparalled and includes moose, black bear, grizzlies, dall sheep, wolves, foxes, ptarmigan, foxes, swans, sand hill cranes, and bald eagles. Dogsledding, glacier trekking, rafting, hiking, canoeing, flightseeing, climbing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmachining, and river boat tours are among the activities that keep visitors coming back. Hunting opportunities for black bear, brown/grizzly bear, grey wolf, moose and small game are available.

Wasilla ApartmentThis lively and vibrant area is home to the world reknown Alaska State Fair, Numerous Fishing Tournaments, the Iditarod Headquarters and the Iditarod Restart, the Iron Dog Race, Talkeetna Winterfest, Alaska State Winter Carnival in Willow, Cabin Fever Reliever Series sponsored by the Mat-Su Visitors Bureau, and the Talkeetna Bachelor Auction, as well as many, many year round events that are attended by residents and visitors alike. Please link to for the website of the Mat-Su Convention and Tourism Visitors Bureau website. You will find a wonderful video of the scenery as well as references to many attractions in the Valley. Daytrips can be planned using the listings in the LINKS section of Alaska Vacation Homes’ website.

Alaska’s long summer days with up to 22 hours of daylight result in a profusion of magnificent flowers which are beautifully displayed in enormous hanging baskets throughout the Mat-Su region. The fall harvest yields humongous vegetables, the likes of which are unseen outside Alaska. Competition among the growers of these giant vegetables is one of the high points of the Alaska State Fair, an event attended by people from all over the world.

The Mat-Su’s long winter is very dry creating a surprising level of comfort even in the cold temperatures making it perfect weather for winter sports and outdoor activities. While daylight dwindles to about 6 hours by the winter solstice, the darkness of the season is offset by the wonderful color and light show of the aureora borealis which dances through the winter sky.


One cannot think of the Mat-Su Valley without reflecting on the important role dogsledding plays in the culture and economy of the area. Home to many of the pioneers of dogsled racing, the Mat-Su proudly claims as current residents a sizable contingent of the world’s best known mushers. Their kennels are interspersed throughout the Valley and many of them are open to the public, offering tours, demonstrations, and dogsled rides. Willow is recognized as the dogsledding capital of the world.

Known as an artist’s paradise with its magnificent scenery and stunning ultramarine blue sky along with the multitude of wildlife, Alaska offers painters and photographers unbelievable opportunities to unleash their creativity. The Mat-Su was home to one of Alaska’s most famous painters, Fred Machetanz. His work is highly prized by collectors, in part because he captured the deep blues of the skies and shadows better than any other artist to date. The art wing at the Mat-Su campus of the University of Alaska, which also houses one of the best art libraries available is a part of his legacy. Several very well known artists and many emerging artists reside in the Valley and participate in the Valley Fine Arts Association and other arts organizations.

Your visit to the Mat-Su Valley promises to be a rare glimpse of the wonderful life in the last frontier. We hope it will bring you back again and again.

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